15 Big Ones

Beach Boys


1. Rock And Roll Music
2. It's OK
3. Had To Phone Ya
4. Chapel Of Love
5. Everyone's In Love With You
6. Medley: Talk To Me/Tallahasee Lassie
7. That Same Song
8. TM Song
9. Palisades Park
10. Susie Cincinnati
11. A Casual Look
12. Blueberry Hill
13. Back Home
14.In The Still Of The Night
15.Just Once In My Life

Alternative Versions

2000 CD re-issue was a "two-fer" with Love You. There were no bonus tracks.

Album Trivia

Released on Brother-Reprise on July 5, 1976
Top chart position #8 in the USA, spending 27 weeks on the chart
Top chart position #31 in the UK.
First Beach Boys album since Pet Sounds to feature a production credit for Brian Wilson..

Website Comments and Review

For once, there was considerable anticipation for a new Beach Boys studio album, thanks to success of Endless Summer and the fact that the previous album was three years ago. There was also excitement created by Brian Wilson's production involvement and the effective reunion of the five "original" Beach Boys.

There is considerable consensus, therefore, that the resultant album was something of a disappointment. The final album is neither an "oldies cover" album, or an album of new material, but is split almost evenly between the two. The originals were also of varying vintage, including Back Home which dates to the early 60s, and Al's Susie Cincinnatti, which was a B-side in 1970. Many of the tracks seem to be going through the motions, with the lead-off single Rock And Roll Music, a Chuck Berry cover, being particularly indicative and adding little to the original.

However, it wouldn't be a 70s Beach Boys album without the moments of magic that make you realise the talent that is there. It's OK is a new original that evokes much of the 60s music, while Mike's Everone's In Love With You is schamltzy but pretty. Best of all is the "everone share's the vocals Had To Phone Ya that evokes much of the magic of Brian's production and songwriting genius, and the rough but evocative cover of Just Once In My Life.

It's not a disaster but, given the timing, it is one of the more disappointing outings from the group, and meant that the mid-70s revival lost momentum before it even really started, even altough, at least for some fans, better was coming in the form of Love You.

RATING: 6.5 out of 10

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