Spring (Marilyn Wilson and Diane Rovell)


1. Tennessee Waltz
2. Thinkin' Bout You, Baby
3. Mama Said
4. Superstar
5. Awake
6. Sweet Mountain
7. Everybody
8. This Whole World
9. Forever
10. Good Time
11. Now That Everything's Been Said
12. Down Home

Alternative Versions

1989 CD release (known as Spring...plus had extra tracks as follows
Shyin' Away
Fallin' In Love
It's Like Heaven
Had To Phone Ya

Album Trivia

Released on United Artists in July 1972
Group was known as "American Spring" outside the USA so as not to confuse with a UK group called "Spring"

Website Comments and Review

By the early 70s, Brian's output for the Beach Boys had greatly diminished. Indeed his enthusiasm for the band was clearly on the wane, although his capacity for seeing a project through was also clearly on the way down. However, the one project that he did seem to have some enthusiasm was this album by his then-wife and sister-in-law, the remainder of The Honeys for whom he had written and produced a number of songs. Alongside Pacific Ocean Blue, it probably now ranks as one of the rare secrets of Beach Boy-related music, an album of some beauty and a clean, nostalgic production. Dave Sandler and Stephen Desper had a big role in this, with Brian reputedly not being as involved as the credits may indicate. Regardless, his presence and inspiration must have made a difference.

Two previously unreleased Brian Wilson originals make their first appearance here, Good Time and Sweet Mountain, although the latter did appear later on Love You. Sweet Mountain is a particular gem with a haunting melody and interesting synthesizer use. The rest of the material is a mixture of previously released Wilson brother material and covers. There isn't anything stunning there, but it makes for a pleasant and refreshing listen, and the overall impression is of a very worthwhile record that further enhances the Brian legend.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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