Beach Boys (1985 album)

Beach Boys


1. Getcha Back
2. It's Gettin' Late
3. Crack At Your Love
4.Maybe I Don't Know
5. She Believes In Love Again
6. California Calling
7. Passing Friend
8. I'm So Lonely
9. Where I Belong
10. I Do Love You
11. It's Just A Matter Of Time

Alternative Versions

Original CD version included Male Rgo as final, extra track (it was the B-side to the Getcha Back single.
2000 CD re-issue was a "two-fer" with Keepin' The Summer Alive. Male Ego was also included on this CD.

Album Trivia

Released on CBS on 10 June 1985
Top Chart Position was #52 in the USA, spending 14 weeks on the chart.
Top Chart Position was #60 in the UK, spending 2 weeks on the chart.
This was the first Beach Boys album to be released on CD.

Website Comments and Review

This was the archetypal 80s album- featuring contributions from the Culture Club and production from Steve Levine, and also saw the group into the CD age. The synth-heavy sound on many of the tracks also dates the album. On the other hand, there are some strong songs contributed by different members of the group -even although there appears to be little group writing, there are some strong harmonies, and it is last album that really showcases any real sense of group unity.

Strong points include Carl's Where I Belong and Bruces's She Believes In Love Again, both strong ballads, as well as the up-tempo Getcha Back that draws most strongly from the groups' 60 roots. Brian contributes I'm So Lonely and It's Just A Matter Of Time, neither close to the top notch of Brian songs, but both engaging on their own terms.

Much of the rest is acceptable to bland, while "bonus" track Male Ego probably sounds like what we would expect from a song with contributions from both Mike Love and Eugene Landy, but has an edgy sound that much of the proper album lacks.

RATING: 6.5 out of 10

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