Beach Boys


1.Meant For You
2. Friends
3. Wake The World
4. Be Here In The Morning
5. When A Man Needs A Woman
6. Passing By
7. Anna Lee, The Healer
8. Little Bird
9. Be Still
10. Busy Doing Nothin'
11. Diamond Head
12. Transcendental Meditation

Alternative Versions

1990 CD re-issue was a "two-fer" with 20/20. The following bonus tracks were included.
Celebrate The News
We're Together Again
Walk On By
Old Folks At Home/Ol' Man River

Album Trivia

Released on Capitol on June 24, 1968
Top chart position #126 in the USA, spending 10 weeks on the chart
Top chart position #13 in the UK.

Website Comments and Review

In the chaos of the 1968 unravelling of the hippie dream, the Beach Boys sent Friends out into a rock universe that was heading into harder, edgier territory. Seemingly at odds with Revolution, Street Fighting Man and Sympathy With The Devil and ignored chartwise, at least in the States, this album can almost be seen as the first "new age" album and has now become something of a minor cult classic.

However, if one moves away from the historical context of this album, one can also see it as an album celebrating what the Beach Boys do best- beautiful songs, beautiful harmonies. Another noteworthy feature is the emergence of Dennis Wilson as a songwriter- Be Still and Little Bird are his first serious songwriting contributions and neither disgrace this album. Indeed, there is a thematic unity throughout the album of peaceful music, celebrating the simple joys of life, although this is shattered somewhat by Transcendental Meditation, the album closer and weak spot of the album.

Friends remains an impressive achievement, and a definite refutation of any theory that great Beach Boys music ended with the 1967 demise of SMiLE. Sometimes simpler is better.

RATING: 8.5 out of 10

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