Gettin' In Over My Head

Brian Wilson


1. How Could We Still Be Dancin'
2. Soul Searchin'
3. You've Touched Me
4. Gettin' In Over My Head
5. City Blues
6. Desert Drive
7. A Friend Like You
8. Make A Wish
9. Rainbow Eyes
10. Saturday Morning In The City
11.Fairy Tale
12. Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel
13. The Waltz

Alternative Versions

Japanese import
Included new version of "Don't Worry Baby"

Album Trivia

Released on Rhino Records on June 22 2004 (June 21 in Europe).
Top chart position #100 in the USA and #53 in the UK
Produced by Brian Wilson. First studio album since Love You! to have Brian as sole production credit.
Album cover designed by Peter Blake, who designed the cover for Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Website Comments and Review

In Brian's "annus mirabilis" of 2004, it is sometimes easy to forget there was another new Brian Wilson during the year, aside from the release of the completed SMiLE. Gettin' In Over My Head was this other album, and while its timing and distinctly mixed reviews tend to relegate this album to footnote status, it does have much that warrants deeper delving.

Of course, the achievement of putting out two albums in 2004 must be tempered with the knowledge that the songs from this album came from Brian Wilson's back pages over a period of more than 20 years, with many titles from the aborted Sweet Insanity project of 1990 vintage. Others come from the work with Andy Paley around 1994 and 1995.

This album sees Brian assume the sole producer role for the first time in a solo studio album. The production is nostalgic, evoking in particular a Summer Days fun in the sun feel, but also with the maturity and sobriety of the many years that have passed. The album is also noted for the "big name" guest spots for Elton John (How Could We Still Be Dancin') , Eric Clapton (City Blues) and most notably, Paul Mc Cartney A Friend Like You . However, the most important (and poignant) guest spot is reserved for Carl Wilson on Soul Searchin'.

Stand-out tracks include How Could We Still Be Dancin', a compulsive rocker, Soul Searchin' , a great pop tune, and Fairy Tale, simply a great tune. Two great ballad features are Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel and Gettin' In Over My Head . Another noteworthy track is The Waltz , a colloboration with Van Dyke Parks that includes an inevitable lyrical twist.

Overall, this album feels almost like a Beach Boys album, although one may question the decision to feature Brian only on all backing vocals, except Desert Drive, where Brian's band do the honors. The occassional less than stirling lead vocals and a few weaker tunes do ensure that this album is not in the top echelon of Brian's work, and there isn't one song that will totally bowl the listener over and convince them of Brian's genius such as a Surf's Up or God Only Knows. However, for this listener, its a very satisfying product that deserves more than a few spins.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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