Brian Wilson


1. Your Imagination
2. She Says That She Needs Me
3. South American
4. Where Has Love Been?
5. Keep An Eye On Summer
6. Dream Angel
7. Cry
8. Lay Down Burden
9. Let Him Run Wild
10. Sunshine
11. Happy Days

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Released on Giant Records on June 16 1988 (June 15 in Europe).
Top chart position #88 in the USA
Produced by Joe Thomas.

Website Comments and Review

This album was conceived in the tragic aftemath of Brian losing his youngest brother Carl, and mother Audree. Brian was also under pressure to come up with a "proper" solo album to follow-up his 1988 release. From these none-too-promising beginnings came an album that, while by no means Brian's greatest work, prompted his touring and revival in the public and critical eye.
The opening track promises a lot with its power-pop approach and reflective lyric. The next few tracks keep up the momentum with the eventual release of She Says She Needs Me, a tune dating back to 1965, and the throwaway but engaging pop of South American.

There are some other fantastic tunes here as well, most noteworthy being the reflection on the passing of Carl,Lay Down Burden. However, somewhere between the lightweight, AOR production and one too many Beach Boys remakes, this album does its a way bit, and drops a few notches from the greatest of Brian's work.

However, although the relationship with producer Joe Thomas soured soon after release, this album will alays be fondly remembered as the start of Brian's touring phase, and his return to the public eye. There are also enough great songs here to remind everyone why we called Brian a genius in the first place.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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