In Concert

Beach Boys


1. Sail On Sailor
2. Sloop John B
3. Trader
4. You Still Believe In Me
5. California Girls
6. Darlin'
7. Marcella
8. Caroline No
9. Leaving This Town
10. Heroes And Villains
11. Funky Pretty
12. Let The Wind Blow
13. Help Me Rhonda
14. Surfer Girl
15. Wouldn't It Be Nice
16. We Got Love
17. Don't Worry Baby
18. Surfin' USA
19. Good Vibrations
20. Fun Fun Fun

Alternative Versions

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Album Trivia

Recorded live from various shows during the Winter 1972 and Summer 1973 tours
Released on Brother Records on November 19, 1973
Originally a double vinyl album (single CD now)
Reached #25 in the USA charts where it stayed for 24 weeks

Website Comments and Review

The Rikki/Blondie era saw a more soulful sounds from the Beach Boys, and also saw a huge upturn in their fortunes, promoted by Endless Summer and the critical re-appraisal resulting from that album. Both of these aspects come through on this highly regarded live album, which combines a fair bit of material from recent albums with the early mega-hits. The band is all in good form, and only real quibble is the lack of Dennis material.

It is also the only legal source of the Rikki/Blondie song We Got Love, dropped from Holland at the last minute (unless you want to mortgage your family for a rare German copy of the early Holland pressings. Other material is all available elsewhere, but is worth hearing in these early 70s reinterpretations.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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