Like A Brother



1. Today
2. Feel The Spirit
3. I Wish For You
4. Run Don't Walk
5. Watching The Time
6. Life In Motion
7. Sheltering Sky
8. They're Only Words
9. Without Her
10. Like A Brother

Alternative Versions

Japanese version featured three extra tracks, namely Standing at Your Door, Blue After All and In The Dark. None of these were written by Carl Wilson, or feature his lead vocals.

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Released on Transparentmusic on 20 June 2000
Features the last songs written and performed by Carl Wilson

Website Comments and Review

Last albums are very difficult to comment on objectively, and this is very true for this project, which includes the last songs Carl Wilson wrote and recorded. The "supergroup" recording this album consisted of Gerry Beckley of America and Robert Lamm of Chicago.The Beckley-Lamm-Wilson project was long in gestation, beginning in 1993, and the first fruits were the incorporation of their version of Harry Nilsson's Without Her on the 1995 tribute album For The Love of Harry.. Much of the recording probably took place in 1996, although it was only finished after Carl passed away in 1998.

The album's highlights are two of Carl's songs. I Wish For You, is Carl's last song, a sincere and heartfelt wish to his songs, and a truly beautiful song that deserved far greater recognition. Like A Brother is a final message to Brian, and is almost prescient in predicting Brian's return to the front stage. The remainder of the album consists of songs that promise a bit, but just fall on the wrong side of blandness, although there does seem to be an overall step-up from the repetitiveness that dulled Carl's two solo efforts. For the record Feel The Spirit and Life In Motion were co-written and sung by Robert Lamm, while Watching The Time and Sheltering Sky were written and sung by Gerry Beckley. The Nilsson cover Without Her has lead vocals by Gerry Beckley. Carl does feature on backing vocals for some of these songs.

Carl's two powerful final contributions make this an important part of any Beach Boys' collection, and as suggested above, do render objective criticism of this album a bit obsolete. But do give a spin throughout, and be reminded of the beauty of Carl's voice, and his ability in song to make us wonder and cry.

RATING: 6.5 out of 10

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