Little Deuce Coupe

Beach Boys


1. Little Deuce Coupe
2. Ballad Of Ole'Betsy
3. Be True To Your School
4. Car Crazy Cutie
5. Cherry, Cherry Coupe
6. 409
7. Shut Down
8. Spirit Of America
9. Our Car Club
10. No-Go Showboat
11. A Young Man Is Gone
12. Custom Machine

Alternative Versions

1990 CD re-issue was a "two-fer" with All Summer Long. The following bonus tracks were included.
Be True To Your School(single version)
All Dressed Up For School
Little Honda (alternative version)
Don't Back Down(alternative version)

Album Trivia

The fourth Beach Boys album released
Released on Capitol on October 21, 1963
Top chart position #4 USA, spending 46 weeks on the chart

Website Comments and Review

Less than a month after Surfer Girl, this album was released, an almost incredibly short gap between long players. Granted, four tracks were repeated from the first three Beach Boys albums in order to complete an album with a car concept running throughout; indeed it could be argued this is an early example of a concept album. The new songs exhibit the production development that we saw on the Surfer Girl album, although there isn't a single track as strong as Surfer Girl or In My Room. However, songs such as No-Go Showboat and Custom Machine do show inventive arrangements and great harmonies. The repetition of tracks mean this will never be one of the top albums of the group, but it is still a very worthwhile early effort.

RATING: 7 out of 10

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