Looking Back With Love

Mike Love


1. Looking Back With Love
2. On And On And On
3. Runnin' Around The World
4. Over And Over
5. Rockin' The Man In The Boat
6. Calendar Girl
7. Be My Baby
8. One Good Reason
9. Teach Me Tonight
10. Paradise Found

Alternative Versions

None known.

Album Trivia

Released on Boardwalk on October 8, 1981
To date, only album released as a Mike Love solo record
Produced by Curt Boettcher

Website Comments and Review

A solo album from Mike Love is always likely to evoke a strong reaction of some sort- ranging from those who see it as a solid and entertaining album, to those who see at as the very spawn of Satan. While the latter reaction would seem unjustified -there have surely been many thousands of worse crimes committed in the name of music, there are still many reasons why this record is a lot less than it could have been. For someone with Curt Boettcher's credentials, the production is something of a disappointment, especially on the up-tempo first half which could politely be described as bland. Things pick up on the second half, with a reasonable selection of covers and some moderate songwriting. Contrary to some other opinions, your ears won't fall off listening to this, but there is much better around in the Beach Boys and related canon.

RATING: 5 out of 10

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