Love You

Beach Boys


1. Let Us Go On This Way
2. Roller Skating Child
3. Mona
4. Johnny Carson
5. Good Time
6. Honkin' Down The Highway
7. Ding Dang
8. Solar System
9. The Night Was So Young
10.I'll Bet He's Nice
11. Let's Put Our Hearts Together
12. I Wanna Pick You Up
13. Airplane
14. Love Is A Woman

Alternative Versions

2000 CD re-issue was a "two-fer" with 15 Big Ones. There were no bonus tracks.

Album Trivia

Released on Brother-Reprise on April 11, 1977
Top chart position #53 in the USA, spending 7 weeks on the chart
Top chart position #28 in the UK.
One of the only two Beach Boys studio albums that has Brian involved in writing all the songs on the album.

Website Comments and Review

Few records are capable of starting and sustaining arguments as this one, with a firm dividing line between those who rate this album as pure genius and those calling it complete garbage. It is also something of a litmus test for those fans calling themselves "Brianistas"-fans of anything Brian does, and those who are more fans of the Beach Boys group sound.

The facts around this album are simple -this album is the most visible manisfestation of the brief mid-70s creative burst that Brian had after his first "recovery" in the hands of Landy. Brian is solo composer of most of the songs on the record, played much of the instrumentation with support from Carl and Dennis, while Mike and Al effectively play the role of guest vocalists. The sound is rough, featuring a gruff synthesixer and ragged but effective vocals from all five of the original Beach Boys.

The first half of the album is more up-tempo-Let Us Go On This Way and Honkin' Down The Highway are particularly compulsive rockers, while the second half slows down the pace, but has some compelling emotional moments, especially on The Night Was So Young, the overall standout track on the album. Solar System, Johnny Carson and Ding Dang appear at first sight to be the throwaway, goofy moments, but beneath the oddness lie some very solid tunes.

All in all, the depth of the tunes and the sincerity of the approach make this album a significant success for this writer, who must position himself in the "love it" camp. However, there are a few pointers that keep the record from the very top notch and where the detractors of the album do have some valid points -there are a few weaker songs, Love Is A Woman being one to note (again a top album with a weak ending, like Today and Friends, and there is a nagging feeling that this could have been even greater with a classic 60s production. However, this remains the prime exhibit that Brian's genius remained in the 70s.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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