Orange Crate Art

Brian Wilson And Van Dyke Parks


1. Orange Crate Art
2. Sail Away
3. My Hobo Heart
4. Wings Of A Dove
5. Palm Tree And Moon
6. Summer In Monterey
7. San Francisco
8. Hold Back Time
9. My Jeanine
10. Movies Is Magic
11. This Town Goes Down At Sunset
12. Lullabye

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Album Trivia

Released on Warner Brothers on October 24 1995.
Failed to chart in either the UK or USA
Produced by Van Dyke Parks.

Website Comments and Review

While the headline billing of Brian on this album is a bit generous - this is essentially a Van Dyke Parks record with Brian doing guest local vocals- it doesn't detract from two essential facts. Firstly, this record was part of Brian's gradual re-entry into the recording world after the Landy era (the I Just Wasn't Made For These Times soundtrack had been released two months earlier); and secondly, this is a great record that hearkens back to the ostensibly innocent Southern Californian childhood of Brian and Van Dyke Parks. It may not have a lot to do with rock music, or even the harmonic brilliance that Brian brought to the music world, but it is a very pleasant album of simple pop tunes. There does seem to be a definite contrast to SMiLE in the simplicity and lack of tension in the music and themes. There are no standout tracks, but there is a solid quality throughout that makes this well worth seeking out for fans of both Brian and Parks.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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