Pacific Ocean Blue

Dennis Wilson


1. River Song
2. What's Wrong
3. Moonshine
4. Friday Night
5. Dreamer
6. Thoughs Of You
7. Time
8. You And I
9. Pacific Ocean Blues
10. Farewell My Friend
11. Rainbows
12. End Of The Show

Alternative Versions

2008 2 CD re-release had the following bonus tracks
Disc 1: Pacific Ocean Blue bonus tracks
Tug Of Love
Only With You
Holy Man

Disc 2: Bambu(The Caribou Sessions)
Under The Moonlight
It's Not Too Late
School Girl
Love Remember Me
Love Surrounds Me
Wild Situation
Are You Real
He's A Bum
I Love You
Constant Companion
Time For Bed
Album Tag Song
All Alone
Thoughts Of You
Holy Man
(bonus track, Taylor Hawkins version)

Album Trivia

The only solo album officially released by Dennis Wilson.
Also the first solo album released by any of the original Beach Boys line-up.
Released on Caribou on September 16, 1977
Top chart position #96 USA, spending 8 weeks on the chart
Did not chart in the UK on original release, but charted #16 on 2008 re-release

Website Comments and Review

If anyone doubted Dennis's musical talents and assumed that he was in the band purely for his looks, this is the prime evidence to the contrary, even if arguably his early 70s output with the Beach Boys was a stronger. Dennis's vocal talents were different to those in the rest of the band (probably helped by one too many cigarettes) and those looking for the pure, harmonic simplicity of the early Beach Boys might be disappointed, but this is a dense and passionate album, with moments of considerable beauty, especially on the ballads Time and Thoughts Of You.

Some of the rockers may sound a bit simplistic, but there is additional poignancy at the end with the titles End Of The Show and Farewell My Friend. Dennis's demise was some years off, but there does seem to be some foreshadowing that this is his last coherent musical statement to the world, even although he recorded virtually another unreleased solo album to be known as Bambu, some of which came out on the Beach Boys LA Light Album, and much was officially released with the 2008 re-release of Pacific Ocean Blue. All in all, an excellent and important record that shows the breadth of the excellent music made by many members of the band; it seemed almost criminal that this was out of print on CD for over ten years with copies fetching way more than 30 pieces of silver on E-Bay and elsewhere. However the 2008 re-release was worth the wait, and created a new wave of Denny-mania and good UK chart success.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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