Shut Down Volume 2

Beach Boys


1. Fun Fun Fun
2. Don't Worry Baby
3. In The Parkin' Lot
4. "Cassius" Love vs. "Sonny" Wilson
5. The Warmth Of The Sun
6. This Car Of Mine
7. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
8. Pom-Pom Play Girl
9. Keep An Eye On Summer
10. Shut Down, Part II
11. Louie Louie
12. Denny's Drums

1990 CD re-issue was a "two-fer" with Surfer Girl. The following bonus tracks were included.
Fun Fun Fun (single version)
Ganz Allein
I Do

Album Trivia

The fifth Beach Boys album released
Released on Capitol on March 23, 1964
Top chart position #13 USA, spending 38 weeks on the chart
First Beach Boys album to feature Al Jardine on the cover
The original Shut Down album was a Capitol compilation featuring two Beach Boys songs, but also songs by other artists.

Website Comments and Review

This was the band's third album in six months, and a look at the tracklist will indicate there is much greatness here. Few need introduction to Fun Fun Fun and Don't Worry Baby, both major league rock standards, while The Warmth Of The Sun is an aching, poignant ballad and Mike Love's finest lyrical moment. In The Parkin' Lot is a much underrated rocker, while Keep An Eye On Summer is another top-notch Brian ballad. Why Do Fools Fall In Love? is also a great interpretation.

This Car Of Mine, Pom-Pom Play Girl and the title track can be placed in the "acceptable" category, but this album is weighted down by the blatant filler of the supposed comedy track "Cassius Love" plus a drum solo by Dennis and an unnecessary cover of Louie Louie. The quality of the top tracks still makes this essential for all serious fans of the group, but the filler drags a potential early classic down to the merely very good.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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