Still Cruisin'

Beach Boys


1. Still Cruisin'
2. Somewhere Near Japan
3. Island Girl (I'm Gonna Make Her Mine)
4. In My Car
5. Kokomo
6. Wipe Out
7. Make It Big
8. I Get Around
9. Wouldn't It Be Nice
10. California Girls

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Album Trivia

Released on Capitil on August 28, 1989
Top chart position #46 in the USA, spending 22 weeks on the chart

Website Comments and Review

The surprise success of Kokomo in 1988 needed to be followed up by an album. However, the group clearly didn't have enough new material to put together a full album, so somebody came up with the bright idea of an album with a "movies" theme, allowing three 1960s classics to be retreaded amongst what could be regarded as just over half a new album. Although Brian's involvement with the group was much reduced, he contributes In My Car and his vocals are all over the surf-rap hit Wipe Out, probably the most bizarre track in the group's canon.

The amount of new material makes the overall impact of the album pretty underwhelming, even noting the hit potential of Kokomo, and the reasonably effective retreaded sound of Still Cruisin'. The hidden gem here is Somewhere Near Japan.-you and I probably don't want to know what the lyrics are about, but the tune and vocals are effective.

Sadly, this is the last studio album of mostly new material from the Beach Boysthat has any pretence of a real group. Despite its relative success, it is now unavailable. Many fans suggest a re-issue omitting the 60s tracks and adding a number of odds and ends from the 80s and early 90s which would be a reasonable album. As it stands now, it has little more than completist value, although there are bits worth searching out.

RATING: 6 out of 10

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