Surfer Girl

Beach Boys


1. Surfer Girl
2. Catch A Wave
3. The Surfer Moon
4. South Bay Surfer
5. The Rocking Surfer
6. Little Deuce Coupe
7. In My Room
8. Hawaii
9. Surfers Rule
10. Our Car Club
11. Your Summer Dream
12. Boogie Woodie

Alternative Versions

1990 CD re-issue was a "two-fer" with Shut Down Volume 2. The following bonus tracks were included.
Fun Fun Fun (single version)
Ganz Allein
I Do

Album Trivia

The third Beach Boys album released
Released on Capitol on September 23, 1963
Top chart position #7 USA, spending 56 weeks on the chart
Top chart position #13 UK, although only charted in 1967
First Beach Boys album officially produced by Brian Wilson
Cover picture features Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike and David Marks

Website Comments and Review

This album is a stellar step upwards in Brian and the Beach Boys' musical progression, being the first officially produced by Brian. There is a definite step up in the complexity of the arrangements, both instrumentally and vocally. Also significantly, while songs such as Little Deuce Coupe and Hawaii are up-tempo classics, it is the quartet of ballads that are the meat of the album. Surfer Girl was Brian's first song, and is beautifully innocent. Surfer Moon sees strings used for the first time for the Beach Boys, while Your Summer Dream is wonderfully romantic, with a great Brian vocal. Finally, In My Room shows both the beauty as well as a deep pain and loneliness that is the hallmark of Brian's best music.

As with most early Beach Boys albums, there is some filler, but there is nothing unlistenable here, and this album certainly put out a strong challenge to the Beatles, who were already making artistic statements through the medium of the long playing record. Overall, the first really good Beach Boys album, and one that includes some great songs.

RATING: 8.5 out of 10

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