Surf's Up

Beach Boys


1. Don't Go Near The Water
2. Long Promised Road
3. Take A Load Off Your Feet
4. Disney Girls
5. Student Demonstration Time
6. Feel Flows
7. Looking At Tomorrow
8. A Day In The Life Of A Tree
9. 'Til I Die
10. Surf's Up

Alternative Versions

2000 CD re-issue was a "two-fer" with Sunflower. There were no bonus tracks.

Album Trivia

Released on Brother-Reprise on August 30, 1971
Top chart position #29 in the USA, spending 17 weeks on the chart
Top chart position #15 in the UK.

Website Comments and Review

Like the first Warner's album (Sunflower), this record had line-up changes and revisions, before the final product was released. The working title was Landlocked, but when it was agreed that the SMiLE piece Surf's Up was to be added, the album took the name of that song. However, unlike Sunflower, this album has much less of a "group" feel, and more of a collection of songs, some great, some good and some less than good.

Brian is much less present here than on Sunflower, but this album provides some clues that all was not well with the oldest Wilson brother. A Day In The Life Of A Tree has baffled fans for decades, but it is hard not to believe that the lyric reflects his life at that stage, and the vocal tag is gorgeous. 'Til I Die is simply a masterpiece, one of the simplest but most eloquent statements of the human condition, while the title track is also an outstanding combination of music and lyric, even outside its SMiLE context.

Carl makes a major contribution with his first two major vocal compositions, Long Promised Road and Feel Flows, both minor classics. Bruce's Disney Girls is also one of his best songs, a nostalgic paean to a simpler time. The rest of the songs fall into the "not so good" category, and the album misses Dennis's contributions that could have made this a major classic. Despite this, there are enough strong songs on this album to make this an essential part of a fan's collection, and indeed anyone seeking out good music.

RATING: 8 out of 10

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