The Wilsons

The Wilsons (Carnie and Wendy, featuring Brian)


1. Monday Without You
2. Good About You
3. Miracle
4. Goddess' Revival
5. Candy
6. 'Til I Die
7. St. Joan
8. Open Door
9. I Hate Your Face
10. Everything
11. Not Your Average Girl
12. Everything I Need

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Released on Mercury Records on 9 September 1997
Brian, along with Carnie and Wendy Wilson, is credited as executive producer

Website Comments and Review

There was a fair amount of excitement when it was announced that Brian would be doing an album with his daughters- apart from the family reconciliation, there were echoes of the succesful American Spring album 25 years previously. In the event, Brian only featured on four tracks, including two new original songs co-written by Brian. The Brian tracks are all interesting, especially the Brian Wilson/Tony Asher penned Everything I Need which has the hint of the happy ending that Pet Sounds never had, although the AOR production doesn't fully work. However, the balance of songs a fairly featureless, with more than a bit of Alanis Morisette influence. Not the first place to start for a Brian fan, but certainly an essential for completists and those collecting all of Brian's good songs.

RATING: 6.5 out of 10

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