21 Little Ones

Brian Wilson

Vigotone VIGO 151
Sound Quality B+
Value A

1. The Spirit of Rock 'N" Roll
2. Turning Point
3. Just Say No
4. Heavenly Bodies
5. Christmas Time
6. Walkin' the Line
7. Save the Day
8. Concert Tonight
9. Barbie
10. This Could be the Night (Nillson Tribute)
11. Sweets for my Sweet (Doc Pomus Tribute)
12. Too much Sugar
13. Goodnight Irene
14. California Girls (live TV)
15. God Only Knows (Live TV)
16. Surfer Girl (Live TV)
17. The Spirit of Rock 'N' Roll (Live TV)
18. Let's go to Heaven in my Car
19. I'll bet He's Nice (Demo)
20. That Special Feeling (Demo)
21. Still I Dream of It (Demo)

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