26 Big Ones

The Beach Boys

Popmeister POP-018
First nine tracks are supposedly "soundcheck for 1979 Knebworth concert" and are pitiful in sound quality. Very similar to AM radio or a squashed MP3.

Tracks 10-19 are supposedly "the 1979 Knebworth concert." The sound quality is horrible; mono w/o lows or highs; similar to the soundtrack to a multi-gen video. Possible Brian Wilson performance here as you hear several references to "Brian" (including them singing "Happy Birthday" to Brian during the soundcheck).

Final third of the CD are tracks off the CW-produced "The Flame" LP feat. Blondie Chaplin & Ricky Fataar and are of very little interest. Reproduction of a dusty phono stylus & crackling noises is flawless. The bootleggers didn't even go to the trouble of eliminating the 3-second gaps between tracks so you get the complete vinyl experience. Blah! If you're interested in this, search out a copy at a used record store for a dollar.

Artwork: Lame. Slightly blurry "Pet Sounds" pictures that are totally unrelated to this period in Beach Boys history. Says "The Flame" was never on CD. One quick listen and you'll know why. It sucks.

Giving credit when due: this CD only set me back thirteen dollars; it's a silver CD NOT a CDR; and the disc length is nearly 78m.

Sound Quality: 6
Overall Value: 4
Format: CD

01. Darlin'
02. School Days
03. In My Room
04. Good Timin'
05. God Only Knows
06. Bermuda Shorts
07. Keepin' The Summer Alive
08. Happy Birthday
09. Santa Ana Winds
10. Good Timin'
11. Cottonfields
12. Heroes & Villians
13. Some Of Your Love
14. Surfer Girl
15. Santa Ana Winds
16. Help Me Rhonda
17. Wouldn't It Be Nice
18. You Are So Beautiful
19. Barbara Ann
20. Make It Easy
21. Hey Lord
22. Lady
23. Don't Worry Bill
24. Get Your Mind Made Up
25. Highs & Lows
26. I'm So Happy

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