The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson

Geritol ST-62042
LANDYLOCKED is a killer document of Brian's Andy Paley sessions from 1994-96--historically significant for including what is probably Carl's last lead vocal ever on "Soul Searching"--which, by the way, along with the other Beach Boys track "You're Still A Mystery",are the best things the group has recorded in YEARS-and Brian's solo stuff on this CD is also fabulous.

Sound Quality: 8
Overall Value: 10
Format: CD

1. Proud Mary
2. I'm Getting In Over My Head
3. You're Still A Mystery
4. Chain Reaction of Love
5. Soul Searchin'
6. It's Not Easy Being Me
7. Desert Drive
8. Saturday Morning In The City
9. This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight
10. Market Place
11. I'm Broke
12. Must Be A Miracle
13. In My Moondreams
14. My Mary Anne
15. Slightly American Music
16. Saturday Morning In The City (l988 Demo)*
17. Soulful Old Man Sunshine*
18. Out In The Country*
19. Back Home Track One*
20. Back Home Track Two*

*--Bonus tracks

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