A Capitol Offense

The Beach Boys

This is an unreleased bootleg CD (wow, a bootleg of a bootleg!) Anyway, this CD was never released for many reasons, but, some tapes copies from the dat masters have surfaced. The sound quality is excellent and the Pet Sounds tracks are superb! If you find this tape on the net, get it. Since it is Japanese in origin, you know the quality is high! Yeah, the tracks have been around before, but, they never sounded this good!

Sound Quality: 10
Overall Value: 10
Format: CD

1.) I'm So Young [stereo mix] (2:40)
2.) Help Me, Ronda [stereo mix] (3:21)
3.) Good to My Baby [backing track] (2:25)
4.) California Girls/I Get Around/Little Deuce Coupe (7:04)
5.) God Only Knows [w/ acapella ending] (2:55)
6.) Wouldn't It Be Nice [vocals only] (2:35)
7.) I Just Wasn't Made for These Times [vocals only] (3:21)
8.) Here Today [backing track] (4:56)
9.) Trombone Dixie [backing track] (2:49)
10.)Good Vibrations [early version] (3:13)
11.)"Caroline, No" promo spot* (:27)
12.)Caroline, No [backing track] (2:51)
13.)The Letter* (1:47)
14.)Good Vibrations [unused backing track]* (3:32)

*mono recording

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