Alive And Smiling

The Beach Boys

The live tracks (1-9) has decent sound quality. The "Smile" tracks have poor sound quality and some may be misnamed.

1. California Girls
2. Sloop John B (Brian Wilson Lead)
3. Darling
4. Shortnin` Bread
5. Do It Again
6. Little Deuce Coupe
7. Skating USA (this is really Roller Skating Child)
8. Peggy Sue
9. In My Room
10. Smile Promo Advert
11. Good Vibrations (sessions)
12. Bicycle Rider
13. Been Way Too Long
14. Tones (instrumental)
15. Surf's Up (sessions)
16. Surf's Up (Brian Wilson)
17. Child Is The Father To The Man
18. Our Prayer
19. Bicycle Rider
20. Fire (2 segments)
21. Fire (no "fire" cracking sounds)
22. Wonderful (Brian Wilson)
23. Home On The Range
24. Barnyard
25. You Are My Sunshine/The Old Master Painter

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