Come Back, Brian

Brian Wilson

Vigotone VIGO 125
Sound: B+
Value: A-
This bootleg compiles Brian's best work of the past decade aside from his solo album and Vigatone's version of "Sweet Insanity." The sound quality varies considerably, but tends to be fairly good.

1. Intro
2. Turning Point (demo)
3. Heavenly Bodies (demo)
4. Black Widow (demo)
5. In The Nighttime (demo)
6. Love And Mercy (live)
7. Walkin' The Line (demo) 8. Melt Away (live)
9. Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long (alternate)
10. Little Children (demo)
11. One For The Boys (alternate)
12. Up In The Sky (There's So Many) (demo)
13. Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight (alternate)
14. He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move (alternate)
15. Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel (demo)
16. Someone To Love (from "first version" of "Sweet Insanity")
17. Water Builds Up (from "first version" of "Sweet Insanity")
18. Don't Let Her Know She's An ANgel (from "first version" of "Sweet Insanity")
19. Let's Get Together (from "first version" of "Sweet Insanity")
20. Smart Girls (from "first version" of "Sweet Insanity")
21. We Love You (alternate with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
22. Fantasy Is Reality (from Rob Wasserman's "Trios" with Carnie WIlson)
23. Outro

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