a bakers dozen

The Beach Boys

cdr fan issue
mike love & adrian baker unissued tracks from 1982 to 1991,,tracks esp are summertime music 2 versions one from 1982 and one from 1991 a great unissued version of gidea parks summertime city with mike love on lead vocal instead of adrian,,3 hyatt regency promo spots in better sound than the jornals versions,,a mike love beach boys medley,mike's cover of a bay city rollers keep on dancin,,mike and adrians good time girls,let's dance,do you wanna dance,hawaii a 1991 re make with the endless summer beach band,in total 22 tracks..99% unreleased totally and further more the odd two tracks that have surfaced before these are in much better shape.. a must for all collectors..this cd is basically the unissued 1982 uk prt album + demos + more demos and re makes of the 82 cuts in 91 with the endless summer beach band..

Sound Quality: 8
Overall Value: 10
Format: CD

please e-mail me for this..i don't have my copy spare right now..
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