Sun, Surf, + Balloons

The Beach Boys

Polyphone PH 1304
Sound Quality C
Value C+

1. Walkin'
2. We're Together Again
3. California Beach
4. Good Time Summertime
5. Sun City
6. Oh! Those Girls
7. Christine
8. Black Widow
9. Love + Mercy (BW live)
10. Walkin' the Line (BW Live)
11. Melt Away (BW Live)
12. God only knows (BB Live)
13. Til I Die (instrumental)
14. Alone on Xmas Day
15. Go and get that Girl
16. Santa's got an Airplane
17. I saw Mommy Kissing Santa (Original)
18. I saw Mommy Kissing Santa
19. X-Mas Medley
20. Winter Symphony
21. Kona Christmas

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