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Brian Wilson

Master Mixx Ent. MME-195
After listening to this Bootleg I thought This was the Best one I've heard of Brian's Yet. It's full of Upbeat and better sounding Quality. Best Of All It's Just Brian and Not the Rest of the Group.

Sound Quality: 8
Overall Value: 8
Format: CD

1. Still I dream Of It(1996)
2. Do It Again (1996)
3. Someone To Love
4. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
5. Barbie (Living Doll)
6. Love & Mercy
7. Crack At Your Love
8. The Spirit Of Rock N Roll
9. Night Times (live)
10. Let Us Go On This Way (1995)
11. In My Car(1994)
12. Girl Of My Dreams (New version of Caroline No)
13. Bells Of Maddness/Fantasy Is Reality (Trio's Album)
14. The One's For You (1996 Atlanta Games song)
15. Hero's and Villian's (1991)
16. There's So Many (Live)
17. Goodnight Irene
18. Rock N Roll To The Rescue
19. Surfin (LIVE IN CONCERT 1995)
20. Rev It Up (Demo)
21. Rev It Up (radio edition)
22. Jaycie
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