The Beach Boys Meet The Grateful Dead

The Beach Boys/The Grateful Dead

(Title on the disc itself: "The Pendletones Meet the Warlocks")
Capricorn (CR-2046)
Sound Quality: B+
Value: C (higher if you're a Deadhead, lower if you can't stand 'em.)

Recorded live at the Fillmore East 4/27/71. The Beach Boys participate in about half of the tracks on the disc. (If you listen carefully, between "Good Vibrations" and "I Get Around" somebody yells from the crowd, "Bring back the Dead!" to which quick-witted Mike replies "Hmmph.")

1. Deal
2. Me & My Uncle
3. Birdsong
4. Playin' in the Band
5. Direwolf
6. Searchin'
7. Riot in Cell Block #9
8. Good Vibrations
9. I Get Around
10. Okie from Muskogee
11. Johnny B. Goode
12. Sing Me Back Home
13. Uncle John's Band

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