Best Vibrations

The Beach Boys

2 cdīs, almost one full concert recorded by german radio but never broadcasted. Recorded at the european summer tour in `93. 34 songs (car medley except counted as one) Normal songset. Great sound, low volume of Bruceīs and Mattīs mikes which is a minus. Alīs mike is nice.

The last part of the second cd is recorded live in switzerland `87. Only half of the instruments and mikes are recorded which gives a nice catch to those 11 tracks.

Sound Quality: 10
Overall Value: 10
Format: CD

Recorded live in Germany `93
1. California Girls
2. Cottonfields
3. I can hear music
5. Do you wanna dance
6. Do it again
7. Catch a wave, Hawaii
8. Come go with me
9. Be true to your school (loong intro)
10. Then I kissed her
11. Surfer Girl
12. In my room
13. Hushabye
14. Under the Boardwalk
15. Hot fun in the summertime
16. Still cruisinī
17. Car song medley
c)Little ol lady
e)Little GTO (great father/son lead)
f)I get around (we got one more itty bitty little car song...)
18. Darlinī
19. Heroes and Villains
20. California Dreaminī
21. Summer in Paradise (great harmony ending)

1. God only knows
2. Sloop John B.
3. Wouldnīt it be Nice
4. Good Vibrations
5. Kokomo
6. Help me Rhonda (Al Jardine, Al Jardine!)
7. Barbara Ann
8. Fun, fun, fun
9. Wipe Out
10. SurfinīSafari
11. Surf City
12. Surfin USA

Live in Switzerland `87
13. I can hear music
14. Sloop John B.
15. Darlinī
16. Dance, Dance, Dance
17. Wouldnīt it be nice
18. Do it Again
19. Then I kissed her (Al forgets the lyrics, Mike helps out)
20. Donīt worry baby
21. In my room
22. Cottonfields

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