Brian Loves Yoy

The Beach Boys

Great cd. Lots of outtakes from the Love You Era (1976-77). Seems like an edit of the LP Titled Brian Loves You, but only with more tracks. Great to hear Brian sitting all alone on the Piano. :)

Sound Quality: B+
Overall Value: A
Format: CD

1. 'Til I Die
2. 'Til I Die
3. That Special Feeling
4. It's Over Now
5. They're Marching Along
6. Still I Dream Of You
7. My Diane
8. Love Is A Woman
9. Mona
10. Mona
11. Airplane
12. Let's Put Our Hearts Together
13. I'll Bet He's Nice
14. I'm Bugged At My Old Man
15. It's A Beautiful Day
16. California Feeling
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