Brian Wilson - Rare Trax

Brian Wilson

High Quality Records HQR971BWRT
The title of the gold CD is "Brian Wilson - Rare Trax" with a total playing time of 72:40min. The CD is a little bit expensive(ca.$40) but the sound quality is absolutely fantastic. Only "Someone To Love" sounds a little bit poor. Nearly every important Brian Wilson song of the last 15 years are included on this CD. I'm only missing "This Could Be The Night" from the Nillsson tribute album. As I know "In My Moondreams" and "This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight" are for the first time on a bootleg - both are real great songs. Also this version of "Heavenly Bodies" has never been released before (as I know). The CD-booklet is black with white letters("Brian Wilson - Rare Trax") and the Brian Wilson publicity picture of 1996 in the center. On the back you can find the track list with the total playing time of each song and "Made in Holland by High Quality Records 1997 - HQR971BWRT". There are no liner notes, but that really doesn't matter. This is the ultimate Brian Wilson bootleg!

Sound Quality: 10
Overall Value: 10
Format: CD

1) Concert Tonight
2) Someone To Love
3) Water Builds Up
4) Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel
5) Do You Have Any Regrets
6) Brian
7) Hotter
8) Spirit Of Rock'n Roll (feat. Bob Dylan)
9) Rainbow Eyes
10) Love Ya
11) Make A Wish
12) Country Feelin's
13) I'm So Lonely
14) He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move
15) Being With The One You Love
16) Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
17) Daddy's Little Girl
18) Sweets For My Sweet
19) In My Car
20) In My Moondreams
21) Orange Crate Art
22) This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight (Original Mix)
23) Heavenly Bodies (Demo Version)

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