Brian Wilson Sessions

Brian Wilson

CEDREM sound lab, CD-25,26,27,28,29,30A,30B
Sound Quality: B
Value: B

This is a 7 disc box set covering Brian Wilson related tunes & interviews. Like the Journals boxes, the packaging is very nice, the discs are all 24k gold, and it includes a nice booklet with plenty of pictures and press clippings and a comprehensive track listing (again, with a few minor errors). Sessions includes 2 discs worth of Sweet Insanity which can be found on Vigotone & Invasion Unlimited boots in roughly equivalent quality. The first disc also assembles a few solo 'officially' released tracks. Discs 3 & 4 include outtakes & demos, most of which can be found on other boots. Disc 4 also includes Brian's 'oft booted live performance at a 1985 benefit. Disc 5 is an exact replica of the Japanese disc 'The Rare Works of Brian Wilson,' a collection of non-BB, Brian produced recordings - best disc of the set IMHO. Disc 6 is mostly from a 1988 radio interview, but also includes a handful of Brian produced non-BB tracks at the end. Disc 7 includes the promo CD for the 1988 solo album, plus 2 more interviews & assorted news clips.

Lots of good stuff in this collection (if you don't already have it), but also lots of extra baggage (e.g. Landy influenced interviews from '88). Sound quality varies, but in general is quite good.

Disc 1 - Sessions Vol. 1 (Sweet Insanity)

1. Concert Tonight
2. Someone To Love
3. Water Builds Up
4. Don't Let Her Know (She's An Angel)
5. I Do
6. Thank You
7. Hotter
8. Spirit Of Rock 'N' Roll (w/ Bob Dylan)
9. Rainbow Eyes
10. Love Ya
11. Make A Wish
12. Smart Girls
13. Country Feelin'
Bonus Tracks
14. Daddy's Little Girl (from "She's Out of Control" soundtrack)
15. He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move (B-Side "Love & Mercy")
16. Living Doll (a.k.a. 'Barbie') (Barbie doll promotional disc)
17. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car (from "Police Academy 4" soundtrack - solo 45)
18. Too Much Sugar (B-Side "Let's Go To Heaven In My Car")
19. Metal Beach (B-Side Paul Shaffer solo single "When the Radio is On")
20. Bells Of Madness/Fantasy Is Reality (from Rob Wasserman's "Trios" w/ Carnie)
21. Still I Dream Of It (Adult Child outtake)
22. Goodnight Irene (from "Folkways" Leadbelly/Woody Guthrie tribute)
23. Spirit Of The Forest (radio edit) ("Earth Love Fund" 45 w/ others)

Disc 2 - Sessions Vol. 2 (Sweet Insanity Outtakes)

1. Concert Tonight (full song)
2. Turning Point (rejected from final track selection)
3. Heavenly Bodies (rejected from final track selection)
4. Let's Get Tonight (rejected from final track selection)
5. Save The Day (The Power Of Love) (rejected from final track selection)
6. Someone To Love (alternate mix)
7. Water Builds Up (alternate mix)
8. Don't Let Her Know (She's An Angel) (alternate mix)
9. I Do (alternate mix)
10. Thank You (alternate mix)
11. The Spirit Of Rock 'N' Roll (alternate mix)
12. Rainbow Eyes (alternate mix)
13. Make A Wish (alternate mix)
14. Smart Girls (alternate mix)

Disc 3 - Sessions Vol. 3 (Outtakes)

1. Marilyn Rovell
2. Stevie
3. Lazy Lizzie
4. Sherry She Needs Me (backing track-1965, vocals-1976)
5. Still I Dream Of It
6. Life Is For Living
7. Deep Purple
8. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling ("15 Big Ones" outtake)
9. Ruby Baby ("15 Big Ones" outtake)
10. Don't You Just Know It (unreleased duet w/ Jan Berry)
11. Walls (unreleased outtake w/ Spring)
12. Awake (unreleased outtake w/ Spring)
13. Christine
14. One For The Boys (alternate vocal arrangement)
15. There's So Many (Up In The Sky) (demo)
16. Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight (alternate lyrics)
17. Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long (alternate lyrics)
18. He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move (alternate lyrics)
19. George Fell Into His French Horn ('Smile' session)
20. We Love You (from a Ryuichi Sakamoto album)

Disc 4 - Sessions Vol. 4 (Demos)

1. Airplane
2. I'm Begging You Please
3. I'll Bet He's Nice
4. It's Over Now
5. Let's Put Our Hearts Together
6. Love Is A Woman (unreleased version)
7. Little Children (a.k.a. 'Marching Along')
8. Mona
9. Still I Dream Of It
10. That Special Feeling
11. Surf's Up (from CBS Leonard Bernstein documentary)
12. I'm Bugged At My Old Man (from NBC 'It's OK' TV special)
13. Don't Let Her Know (She's An Angel)
14. Black Widow
15. In The Night Time
16. Little Children
17. Walkin' The Line
Bonus Live Tracks
18. Night Time (live vocal w/ backing track - on TV w/ Dick Clark)
19. That Same Song (from NBC 'It's OK' TV special)
20. Back Home (w/ The Beach Boys - CBS Convention London, 7/30/77)
21. The Boogies Back In Town (w/ The Beach Boys - CBS Convention London, 1978)
22. Intro - : ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
23. Da Doo Ron Ron ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
24. Intro - : ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
25. I'm So Lonely ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
26. Intro - : ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
27. Male Ego ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
28. Intro - : ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
29. California Girls ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
30. Intro (For John Stewart & Stephen Stills) ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)
31. Sloop John B ("Malibu Emergency Room" benefit, Los Angeles 1985)

Disc 5 - Sessions Vol. 5 (The Rare Works of Brian Wilson)

1. Barbie (Kenny & The Cadets)
2. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Kenny & The Cadets)
3. The Revo-Lution (Rachel & The Revolvers)
4. Number One (Rachel & The Revolvers)
5. The Surfer Moon (Bob & Sheri)
6. Humpty Dumpty (Bob & Sheri)
7. No Go Showboat (The Timers)
8. Run-Around Lover (Sharon Marie)
9. Pamela Jean (The Survivors)
10. I Do (The Castells)
11. She Rides With Me (Paul Peterson)
12. Beach Girl (The Nodaens)
13. He's a Doll (The Honeys)
14. Sacramento (Gary Usher)
15. That's Just the Way I Feel (Gary Usher)
16. Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby (Sharon Marie)
17. The Story Of My Life (Sharon Marie)
18. Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Hale & The Hushabyes)
19. Farmer's Daughter (Basil Swift & The Seegrams)
20. The Monkey's Uncle (Annette w/ The Beach Boys)
21. Guess I'm Dumb (Glen Campbell)
22. Things Are Changing (The Blossoms)
23. Twelve-O-Four (Bob & Bobby)
24. Baby What You Want Me To Do (Bob & Bobby)
25. Vegetables (The Laughing Gravy)
26. I'll Keep on Loving You (Ron Wilson)
27. As Tears Go By (Ron Wilson)
28. Lady Love (Dino, Desi, & Billy)
Bonus Tracks
29. Barbie (take 2) (Kenny & The Cadets)
30. Miss America (Dante & His Friends)
31. She Rides With Me (Joey & The Continentals)
32. Surfin' Safari (Ariola version) (The Beach Boys)

Disc 6 - Sessions Vol. 6 (Writing & Producing)

(tracks 1-44 from WNEW FM (NY) "Saturday Morning 60's" interview with Pete Fornatale - 8/20/88)
1. You're Welcome
2. Amont Giants
3. 'Good Vibrations'
4. Why Did It Take So Long ?
5. Studios
6. Taking Control
7. 'Surfin' Session'
8. Recording Technology
9. Leakage
10. Pet Sounds
11. Love And Mercy
12. Can't Hear Stereo
13. Peoples Reaction
14. Enjoying Promotion
15. Slump
16. Drugs
17. Musical Gift
18. Coercing Brian To Piano
19. Brian Picks 'Melt Away'
20. Surf City
21. 'Help Me Rhonda'
22. 'I Get Around'
23. 'California Girls'
24. Realization
25. No Namby Pamby
26. Another Pocket Symphony
27. Butterflys
28. Eugene Landy
29. Carl Wilson
30. Back To Basics
31. A Hunch Of Hoo-ey
32. The Creative Process
33. California Girls
34. 'Love And Mercy'
35. Still A Beach Boy
36. Won't Play 'Love & Mercy'
37. Surf's Up
38. Creating A Song
39. 'Radio Blues'
40. Brian's Jukebox Picks
41. Hall Of Fame
42. Live Performances
43. Missing Dennis
44. One For The Boys
45. Brian's Hall Of Fame Speech (actual speech from induction ceremony)
Bonus Tracks
46. Little Honda (The Hondells)
47. Surf City (Jan & Dean)
48. Ride The Wild Surf (Jan & Dean)
49. Side Walk Surfin' (Jan & Dean)
50. Time To Get Alone (Redwood demo)
51. Surfin' Down The Swanee River (The Honeys)
52. It's Like Heaven (Spring)
53. Good Time (Spring)
54. This Whole World (Spring)
55. Fallin' In Love (aka 'Lady') (Spring)
56. Forever (Spring)
57. Sweet Mountain (Spring)

Disc 7 - Sessions Vol. 7 (Words and Music)

'Words & Music' Promo CD
(Segment One)
1. 'One For The Boys'
2. 'Love & Mercy'
3. 'Walkin' The Line'
4. 'Melt Away'
5. 'Night Time'
(Segment Two)
6. 'Let It Shine'
7. 'Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight'
8. 'Rio Grande'
Timothy White Interview - 1988 (for Westwood One)
9. 'Love And Mercy'
10. Afraid Of Critics
11. Jeff Lynne
12. 'Caroline No'
13. 'Pet Sounds'
14. The Beatles
15. 'Melt Away' Vocals
16. The Four Freshman
17. Brian's First Song
18. 'Barbie'
19. Car Songs
20. 'Don't Worry Baby'
21. 'Barbara Ann'
22. 'Good Vibrations'
23. 'Do It Again'
24. Writing Hits
25. 'Goodnight Irene'
26. Mike Love
27. Carl Wilson
28. 'Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long'
29. 'Night Time'
30. Brian's Contribution To Music
"Fresh Air" Interview on US radio
31. Getting Back
32. Harmonies
33. The Beach Boys Response
34. Square Freshman
35. Falsetto
36. Surf Songs
37. Water
38. Catch A Wave
39. Old Records
40. I Don't Want To Die
41. Felt Like Dylan
42. Drugs
43. Turn It Down
44. Phil Spector
45. Eugene Landy
46. No Smoking
47. One For The Boys
US TV Report #1
48. Why Are You Back?
US TV Report #2
49. Identity Crisis
50. Love & Mercy & Attention
51. Hall Of Fame
US TV Report #3
52. Stan Love's Press Conference
'Wouldn't It Be Nice' Book Launch
53. Murry The Beast
54. 'Thank You'
55. 'Sloop John B'

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