Capitol Punishment

The Beach Boys

Spank, 143/144
Sound Quality: A
Value: B+

This is a 2 CD set of "Today" and "Summer Days" outtakes, alternates, and session tapes. A chunk of this material was probably lifted from the "Time To Get Alone" boot and the edited backing tracks are quite annoying, but there's still some new, interesting stuff. The packaging is quite attractive & sound quality is generally very good.

Disc One

1. Dance, Dance, Dance (stereo backing track session)
2. Dance, Dance, Dance (stereo alternate vocal mix)
3. Dance, Dance, Dance (stereo alternate vocal mix)
4. Dance, Dance, Dance (stereo alternate vocal mix)
5. The Little Girl I Once Knew (stereo backing track)
6. Please Let Me Wonder (mono vocal overdub session)
7. Good To My Baby (stereo backing track [incomplete])
8. Good To My Baby (stereo alternate vocal mix)
9. I'm So Young (stereo alternate vocal mix)
10. Let Him Run Wild (edited backing track session)
11. Let Him Run Wild (stereo backing track)
12. Girl Don't Tell Me (stereo alternate mix)
13. Help Me, Ronda (edited backing track session)
14. Help Me, Ronda (stereo alternate vocal mix)
15. California Girls (edited backing track session)

Disc Two

1. Three Blind Mice (stereo backing track)
2. She Knows Me Too Well (stereo vocal overdub session)
3. She Knows Me Too Well (stereo alternate vocal mix)
4. Do You Wanna Dance (mono vocal overdub session)
5. In The Back Of My Mind (stereo backing track)
6. Help Me, Rhonda (stereo vocal overdub session - with Murry Wilson)
7. Help Me, Rhonda (stereo alternate mix)
8. Help Me, Rhonda (stereo alternate vocal mix)
9. Help Me, Rhonda (stereo backing track)
10. All Summer Long (stereo alternate mix)

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