The Cocaine Sessions

The Beach Boys (Brian & Dennis)

01125 TV
The collection of songs that Dennis and Brian recorded on a heavy coke binge (And couple of extras from the sessions). Real great, real rare.. Recorded in sometime 1981-82

Sound Quality: 10
Overall Value: 10
Format: CD

1. Talking
2. California Girls (they tried this but two drunk
skunks couldn't groove..)
3. Let's Start Our Own Band (not song, more talking, Brian on piano..)
4. My Solution (brian solo on piano)
5. Sounds of sexual intercourse (with a girl moaning Denniiiiiss...)
6. Mike, Mike, Mike (fun, fun, fun w/obscure lyrics..)
7. Bonanza Theme (dennis on piano.. poor..)
8. It's Just A Matter Of Time (early rendition)
9. I Don't Want To Die (poor Dennis song)
10. Take My Breath Away (or something like that from the chorus..)
11. You Take My Breath Away (Queen' song..)
12. Talking (let's do it agaaaaaaiiin, dennis growls...)
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