Brian Wilson

Chapter One; CO 25145
The Chapter One version of Smile contains nothing suprising or uncovered elsewhere. The cover, however, replaces "The Beach Boys" with "Brian Wilson," thus providing an accurate view of the contents and, perhaps, some retrospective wishful thinking. The 3 LP Smile set is a better Smile investment, both for sound and selection.

Sound Quality: 7
Overall Value: 5
Format: CD

1. Surf's Up (Version 1)
2. Bicylce Rider Theme
3. Good Vibrations Variations
4. I'm in Great Shape
5. Vegetabels/Mamma Says
6. Child is Father of the Man
7. Wonderful
8. Can't Wait Too Long
9. With Me Tonight
10. Cabin Essence
11. Our Prayer
12. Tones
13. Heroes and Villains
14. Do You Like Worms
15. Wind Chimes
16. Fire
17. George Fell into His French Horn
18. Surf's Up (Version 2)
19. You Were My Sunshine
20. Water
21. Cool, Cool Water
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