The Beach Boys

A Tape Set by Dave Prokopy
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Side A:                                   Side B:
------                                    ------
[Prayer]                                  Good Vibrations [sections]
Heroes And Villians                       Good Vibrations [alternate take]
[Barnyard]                                Good Vibrations [instrumental]
[untitled (With Me Tonight)]              untitled (She's Going Bald)
Do You Like Worms                         Holidays
The Old Master Painter                    Prayer [session]
Wonderful                                 Wonderful [instrumental]
Child Is Father Of The Man                Cabin Essence [instrumental]
Cabin Essence                             Cabin Essence [early version #1]
Good Vibrations                           With Me Tonight [early version]
I'm In Great Shape                        Do You Like Worms [alternate 
mix #1]
The Elements:                             Barnyard [rehearsal]
  Wind Chimes
  Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
  Love To Say Da-Da
Surf's Up

Side A:                                   Side B:
------                                    ------
George Fell Into His French Horn          Heroes And Villians
Surf's Up [session]                         ["In the cantina" alternate mix]
Surf's Up [instrumental]                  Heroes And Villians [intros]
The Old Master Painter [instrumental]     Heroes And Villians [extended]
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow [alternate version]    Tune X (Tones) [sessions]
Child Is Father Of The Man [alt. mix]     Tune X (Tones)/Tones (Part 3)
Cabin Essence [early version #2]          Tune X (Tones) [session]
Surf's Up [demo]                          Vega-Tables [alternate mix]
Surf's Up ["Inside Pop" performance]      Smile era party
You're Welcome
Do You Like Worms? [alternate mix #2]
Cabin Essence [early version #3]
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