Dave Prokopy's New Smile Tape Set

The Beach Boys

A very well constructed tape set that gives one just about everything they would ever want from the Smile sessions including a reconstructed Smile album from the best available scraps.

The sound does vary wildly but then so does the sources. Comes with an excellent 30 page booklet that explains every track, gives all neccesary Smile background and teaches you all you need to know. Even though it's a tape set, don't let it throw you of f, this is as good as they come.

Sound Quality: 8-10
Overall Value: 10
Format: 3 Tapes

Tape 1 - Side A
1. Heroes And Villians
2. Do You Like Worms
3. The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
4. Wonderful
5. Child Is The Father Of Man
6. Cabin Essence
7. Good Vibrations
8. Look
9. Vega-Tables
10. Holidays
11. Wind Chimes
12. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow (aka "Fire")
13. I'm In Great Shape
14. Love To Say Da Da
15. Surf's Up

Tape 1- Side B
1. Good Vibrations (sections)
2. Good Vibrations (alt take)
3. Good Vibrations (instrumental)
4. Wonderful (instrumental version)
5. Holidays (sessions)
6. Prayer (sessions)
7. Wonderful (alternate)
8. Cabin Essence (instrumental)
9. Cabin Essence (alternate version #1)
10. She's Goin' Bald (early version)
11. Do You Like Worms (alternate version #1)
12. Smog

Tape 2 - Side A
1. George Fell Into His French Horn
2. Surf's Up (session)
3. Surf's Up (instrumental)
4. The Old Master Painter (instrumental)
5. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow (2 alternate versions)
6. Cabin Essence (alternate version #2)
7. Surf's Up (Brian solo studio performance)
8. Surf's Up ("Inside Pop" performance)
9. You're Welcome
10. Do You Like Worms (alternate version #2)
11. Cabin Essence (alternate version #3)
12. Smile promo ad
13. untitled organ piece
14. Mama Says (early version)
15. Vega-Tables (alternate version)

Tape 2 - Side B
1. untiled piano piece
2. With Me Tonight (sessions)
3. Heroes And Villians (sessions)

Tape 3 - Side A
1. Heroes And Villians (sessions)

Tape 3 - Side B
1. Heroes And Villains (sessions)
2. Smile era party
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