Denny Remembered

Dennis Wilson

Wilson Records; SURF 002, SURF 004
For everyone who loves Dennis' music a must!! The quality is very good, except for "River Song" and "Pacific Ocean Blue", but you easily forget that when you hear the rest. Both CD's start and end with a newsreport about Dennis' death. Only one small point of critiscism: Why don't switch "Celebrate The News" (I do love that song, but I guess everyone has that one already) for a good version of "He's A Bum"......

Volume I, Deniis Carl Wilson
1. News report
2. Holy Evening
3. Companion
4. It's Not Too Late
5. Carry Me Home
6. 10.000 Years
7. River Song (early version)
8. Wild Situation (take one)
9. New Orleans
10. Love Surrounds Me
11. Organ duets
12. Barbara
13. Quad instrumentals
14. Nixon joke - live 1973
15. You Are So Beautiful - live 1976
16. Good Timin' - live (lead vocal: Dennis)
17. Lady
18. Moon Light
19. News report

Volume II, 39 Forever
1. News report
2. School Girl
3. Wild Situation (background vocals only)
4. Baby Blue Eyes
5. San Miguel (new version, backing track)
6. Angel Come Home - live on the Midnite Special
7. All Of My Love
8. Interview Sweden November, 1964
9. San Miguel (alternate mix)
10. Sound Of Free
11. Piano duet
12. Love Surrounds Me (take 2)
13. Instrumental track
14. Pacific Ocean Blue
15. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - live
16. My Diane
17. Baseball
18. Interview / Falling In Love - live 1971
19. Forever - live 1971
20. Celebrate The News
21. You Are So Beautiful - live 1977
22. If I Could Live My Life Again
23. Interview
24. News report

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