Still I Dream of You

Brian Wilson

Jasrac MMCD-409
These were written, produced, or performed by Brian. This is not a bootleg per se, though it is in kind of a grey area. It is an import from Japan, and I believe Japan has looser regulations regarding copyright laws. Unfortunately this CD is difficult to find and usually expensive (about $50 for one CD).
Sound Quality A
Value A-

1. Kenny + the Cadets--Barbie
2. Kenny + the Cadets--What is a Young Girl made of
3. Rachel & the Revolvers--The Revo-Lution
4. Rachel & the Revolvers--Number One
5. Bob + Sheri--The Surfer Moon
6. Bob + Sheri--Humpty Dumpty
7. The Timers--No Go Showboat
8. Sharon Marie--Run-Around Lover
9. The Survivors--Pamela Jean
10. The Castells--I Do
11. Paul Petersen--She Rides With me
12. The Nodaens--Beach Girl
13. The Honeys--He's a Doll
14. Gary Usher--Sacramento
15. Gary Usher--That's just the way I feel
16. Sharon Marie--Thinkin' 'Bout you baby
17. Sharon Marie--The Story of my life
18. Hale + the Hushabyes--Yes Sir, Thats my baby
19. Basil Swift and the Seegrams--Farmers Daughter
20. Annette--The Monkeys Uncle
21. Glen Campbell--Guess I'm Dumb
22. The Blossoms--Things are Changing
23. Bob + Bobby--Twelve-O-Four
24. Bob + Bobby--Baby What you want me to do
25. The Laughing Gravy--Vegetables
26. Ron Wilson--I'll keep on Loving You
27. Ron Wilson--As Tears go by
28. Dino, Desi & Billy--Lady Love
29. Kenny + the Cadets--Barbie (take 3)
30. Dante + His Friends--Miss America
31. Joey + the Continentals--She Rides With me
32. The Beach Boys--Surfin' Safari (ARIOLA Version)
33. The Beach Boys--Karen

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