Live At The Fillmore East

The Beach Boys

June 27 1971 & London 1972
Moonlight; ML 9507
This concert was given about a week after Dennis' hand injury. Mike Kowalski replaces him. A good concert, but bad sound quality. Carl's and Mike's voice are often far away, and can barely be heard.

The sound quality of the 3 bonustracks is better. Help Me Rhonda (track 14) features Elton John as special guest on piano).

New York, June 27, 1971
1. Heroes And Villains (4:07)
2. Do It Again (3:00)
3. Cottonfields (3:00)
4. Help Me Rhonda (4:13)
5. Wouldn't It Be Nice (3:09)
6. Your Song (4:50)
7. Student Demonstration Time (Based on Riot In Cellblock #9) (5:06)
8. Good Vibrations (4:50)
9. California Girls (3:20)
10. I Get Around (2:25)
11. It's About Time (4:18)

Live in London, 1972
12. Do It Again (2:42)
13. Wild Honey (lead: Blondie Chaplin) (2:48)
14. Help Me Rhonda (3:17)

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