From The Vaults

The Beach Boys

The overall quality is not so good, for example: "Seasons In.." fades away and comes back again all the time. But especially the last part of the CD (Dennis) is very interesting.

1. Do You Wanna Dance? vocal session 1A
2. Do You Wanna Dance? vocal session 2A(a)
3. Do You Wanna Dance? vocal session 2A(b)
4. Sherry, She Needs Me
5. Games Two Can Play
6. Seasons In The Sun
7. My Solution
8. Awake (demo)
9. Silly Walls
10. Shortenin' Bread
11. Winter Symphony
12. I'm Beggin' You Please (demo)
13. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
14. Moonlight (DW)
15. It's Not Too Late (DW)
16. Companion (DW)
17. School Girl (DW)
18. (I Found Myself In A) Wild Situation (DW)
19. Brian's Back (ML)
20. Viggie (ML)

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