Golden Collection

The Beach Boys

No label identification

Packaging: C-
Sound Quality: A
Overall value: A

Excellent quality collection of the odd singles, soundtrack songs and rare releases that attempts to gather everything together in one package. There are still a few missing tracks (such as "Happy Endings") that probably could have fit on cd but it is a great sounding collection anyway. Even at typical boot prices this is much less expensive than trying to purchase each single release individually. Liner notes are non-existant and the front and back covers show common photos. The sound and collection more than make up for poor packaging. As of this date (4/96) they have been out of print for a couple of years. I saw a few copies in my local store so it may have been re- pressed within the past couple of weeks. If you see it- grab it.

1. Problem Child
2. Country Feelin
3. Crocodile Rock
4. Goodnight Irene
5. Daddys Little Girl
6. Chasing The Sky Away
7. Too Much Sugar
8. Lets Go To Heaven in my Car
9. East Meets West (with 4 Seasons)
10. Being With The One You Love
11. He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body to Move
12. It's A Beautiful Day
13. Problem Child- radio edit
14. Lady liberty (Live)
15. Happy Birthday America (live)
16. Runaway (live)
17. Living Doll (Barbie)
18. Summer In Paradise (Live Wembley 7/93)

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