Heroes and Vibrations

The Beach Boys

VigOtone, VT-163
The liner notes say "Breathtaking quality" which is accurate. Great stereo mix. Some GV tracks have been officially released. H&V tracks are mostly snippets and fragments showing Brian's obsession with details. I really like the "Bicycle Rider" (main H&V theme and variations)on just tack piano.

Sound Quality: 10
Overall Value: 7
Format: CD

1) Instrumental track (1)
2) Toy piano
3) Fuzz bass
4) Rehearsals/instrumental track (2)
5) Tack piano/piccolo
6) "She's Already Workin' on My Brain" (mono)
7) "Hum-Be-Dum" (end of "H&V Part one)
8) Rarities mix (mono)

Heroes & Villians
9)"Fire" intro
10) "I've Been in This Town . . ."(instrumental)
11)"I've Been in This Town . . ." (w/vocals)
12)"In the Cantina ..."(piano rehearsal/final version w/vocals)
13) "My Children Were Raised ..."(vocal rehearsals)
14)"My Children Were Raised ..." (w/final vocals)
15) "Sunny Down Snuff..."(final vocals)
16) "Dum, Dum, Dum"(end of H&V part one)
17) "Tag to Part One" (2nd version)
18) "Bicycle Rider" (main H&V theme)
19) "H&V Part Two(revised version take one)
20) "Just See What You've Done" (final vocals)
21) Mike F**ks with the Formula(s)

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