Brian's Back (and he's pissed)

Brian Wilson

Parrington Records: PR 168
A pretty good album. Contains some of BW's best solo music. Also contains VERY RARE demos of BB tracks. Rather short, with only 16 songs.

Sound Quality: 6
Overall Value: 8
Format: CD

1. Turning Point
2. Heavenly bodies
3. LEt It Shine (demo)
4. Concert tonight (full version)
5. Untitled insturmental
6. This isn't love
7. You need a mess of help (1972 demo version)
8. Walkin the Line (live?)
9. All This is that (live)
10. Winter Symphony (1977)
11. Rio Grande (demo)
12. This song wants to sleep with you tonight
13. Rainbow eyes
14. Up in the sky (aka There's so many)
15 Rio Grande (music only, no vocals)
16. Steamboat (demo)

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