In Concert 64/71

The Beach Boys

(no label name 7105/6411)
This Japanese 2-CD set comes from the same un-named label which produced the "T-2580" "Smile" disc,the "Landlocked" + radio promo messages disc and the "Stack O'Tracks + 2" disc.The 1971 concert is live in Syracuse, N.Y.,from a T.V. broadcast,and the 1964 material is a Swedish radio concert

Sound Quality: 5
Overall Value: 5
Format: CD

Disc One:(New York,1971)
1.Heroes & Villains
2.Do It Again
4.Aren't You Glad
7.Okie From Muskogee
8.Cool Cool Water
9.Help Me Rhonda
10.Student Demonstration Time
11.Caroline No
12.You Still Believe in Me
13.Sloop John B.
14.Wouldn't It Be Nice
15.God Only Knows
16.Good Vibrations
17.California Girls
18.Surfer Girl
19.I Get Around
20.It's About Time

Disc Two:Sweden 1964:
1.Papa Oom Mow Mow
2.Little Deuce Coupe
3.Surfer Girl
4.Monster Mash
5.Louie Louie
6.Surfin' U.S.A.
7.Don't Worry Baby
8.I Get Around
9.Johnny B.Goode

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