Lei'd in Hawaii Rehearsal

The Beach Boys

Vigotone VIGO 133
Sound Quality A
Value B+

1. God Only Knows
2. California Girls
3. Surfer Girl
4. You're So Good To Me
5. The Letter
6. Help Me Rhonda (sung as "Help You, Rhonda")
7. Heroes and Villains
8. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring
(studio outtakes)
9. Sherry She Needs Me (1965 backing track)
10. We're Together Again (alt. mix)
11. We're Together Again (backing track)
12. We're Together Again (instrumental)
13. We're Together Again (alt. mix #2)
(Live at the Hollywood Bowl Nov. 1, 1963--possibly from radio broadcast)
14. Introduction by Art Linkletter
15. Little Deuce Couple
16. In My Room
17. Be True to Your School (with the Honeys)
18. Surfer Girl
19. KFWB Theme
20. Closing credits
(Live in Sydney, Feb. 13, 1978)
21. God Only Knows
22. Good Vibrations

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