American Birthday Party

The Beach Boys

Rock Calender Records; RC 2131

Live in Washington D.C., in the Park, July 4th 1980

Just like the "Surfing Down Under"-CD the sound quality is average (dull sound). The concert is not bad though, also many interesting songs. Heroes & Villains is not complete. Between two songs the boys sing "Happy birthday to you" (Happy birthday America).

When you get this CD, don't forget that other tracks of this concert can be found on the 2CD "Surfing Down Under" (RC 2129/30).

1. 4th Of July Song (Not Dennis' song) (2:17)
2. Santa Ana Winds (3:09)
3. Some Of Your Love (2:08)
4. Keepin' The Summer Alive (3:25)
5. Lady Lynda (4:32)
6. Cottonfields (1:47)
7. Heroes And Villains (2:31)
8. Surfer Girl (2:16)
9. Help Me Rhonda (4:08)
10. Be True To Your School (2:26)
11. Wouldn't It Be Nice (2:29)
12. Rock 'N Roll Music (2:24)
13. I Get Around (2:06)
14. Surfin' USA (2:28)
15. Good Vibrations (6:56)
16. Barbara Ann (2:57)
17. Fun Fun Fun (4:32)

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