Live From Michigan State University 10/12/1966

The Beach Boys

Golden Collection 3
Very good quality. Between one of the songs you can even here the theremin. On the Good Vibrations box set there is a live version of "Good Vib.", date: 10/12/1966. So I'm not sure if the date on the CD (22/12) is correct.

There are also 5 bonus tracks, with a lenghty version of What'd I Say (ca 5 minutes), and Heroes and Villains with Mike trying to be funny with comment on that song.

1. Intro
2. Help Me Rhonda
3. I Get Around
4. Medley: Surfin' Safari / Fun Fun Fun / Shut Down / Little Deuce Coupe / Surfin' USA
5. Mike Love intro ... Surfer Girl
6. Papa Oom Mow Mow
7. You're So Good To Me (with false start)
8. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (vocal: Dennis)
9. California Girls
10. Sloop John B.
11. Wouldn't It Be Nice
12. God Only Knows
(1-12 produced by Brian Wilson)

13. Papa Oom Mow Mow
14. Little Deuce Coupe
15. What'd I Say
(13-15 recorded live in Sidney Australia 1964)

16. God Only Knows
17. Heroes And Villains
(16 & 17 recorded as rehearsals for Lei'd In Hawaii during the finishing of Smiley Smile 1967)

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