Lived 1993

The Beach Boys

Subtitle: Superstar Concert Series - From The Archives

Is this a bootleg?, I'm not sure, there's a small piece of paper in the box that has a barcode (1 234567 890128), but that could be fake. The same piece of paper says MADE IN JAPAN. This is very probable, because during the concert, one member of the group says something using the word "Japan".

About the CD. Good sound quality, and a rather well performance. Almost the same line-up of songs as on the 2CD "30th Anniversary Show" from 1991. Again there is the dance medley (Dancing In The Street, Dance Dance Dance, Do You Wanna Dance?), but this time they cut out "Dancing In T..", maybe not interesting enough.

Nice detail: The photo used for the front has the following persons on it (f.l.t.r.: Dennis, Blondie(!), Al, Carl, Mike. That's not really 1993, but 1973 I'd say.

1. California Girls (2:43)
2. Then I Kissed Her (2:09)
3. Do It Again (2:40)
4. Little Deuce Coupe (1:49)
5. Little Old Lady From Pasadena (1:35)
6. I Get Around (2:11)
7. Surfer Girl (2:28)
8. Don't Worry Baby (3:00)
9. Dance Dance Dance (1:56)
10. Do You Wanna Dance (2:12)
11. In My Room (2:58)
12. Sloop John B. (2:55)
13. Wouldn't It Be Nice (2:32)
14. Good Vibrations (4:25)
15. Kokomo (3:58)
16. Help Me Rhonda (3:09)
17. Barbara Ann (2:44)
18. Fun Fun Fun (2:58)
19. Surfin' Safari (1:36)
20. Surf City (1:45)
21. Surfin' USA (2:37)

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