Landlocked/Adult Child

The Beach Boys

Frontline FLCD 17
Very good sound quality. Short liner notes.

1. Loop De Loop
2. Susie Cincinnati
3. San Miguel
4. H.E.L.P In On The Way
5. Take A Load Off Your Feet
6. Over The Waves
7. I Just Got My Pay
8. `Til I Die (long)
9. Good Time
10. Big Sur (not Holland version)
11. Lady
12. When Girls Get Together
13. Looking At Tomorrow
Adult Child
14. Life Is For The Living
15. Hey Little Tomboy (Shave your legs -for the first time- version)
16. Deep Purple
17. H.E.L.P In On The Way (same as 4. above)
18. It's Over Now
19. Every One Wants To Live
20. Shortnin' Bread
21. Lines
22. On Broad Way
23. Games Two Can Play
24. It's Trying To Say
25. Still I Dream Of It
26. You've Lost That Lovin` Feeling
27. Instrumental
28. Honkin` Down The Highway
29. He's A Bum (Dennis Wilson, Demo 1978)

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